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What Can Water Pumps Be Used for in Australia?

Water pumps in Australia are used in a wide variety of situations, including firefighting, irrigation, garden water features, for automobiles and boats, draining and more. If you haven’t considered them before, do some reading and see if water pumps Australia can be useful in your life, whether at home or for your business.

Here are some common pumps you may find:

Fire Fighting Pumps

If you live in a rural or otherwise remote area, you should seriously consider fire fighting pumps. If a fire broke out on or near your property, how would you be able to stop the flames? Do you know where your nearest fire station is? If you live in the country, there may not be one for many kilometers.

If you want the best way to protect your family, property and neighbours, the best solution is fire fighting pumps.

You will need a source of water to use fire fighting pumps. A tank, pool, dam or nearby natural source of water like a river or lake would suffice. The pump will transfer the water from the source to the fire, as a firefighting squad’s equipment would do.

Some fire fighting pumps are powered by petrol, making them petrol water pumps. If so, you will need a tank of fuel to power your pump. Adhere to the guidelines set out in the instruction manual when handling your fuel, as it is highly flammable. Always use a fresh load of fuel in your pump, empty out old fuel that’s been sitting there for months, and don’t leave your tank of fuel out in the sun. Petrol water pumps don’t come without some risk, so be sure you know what you’re doing. Also remember to factor in how much petrol will cost in operating your petrol water pumps.

Garden Fountain Water Pumps

If you’ve ever wondered the mechanism behind water fountains, here you have it! Water pumps help fountains create its beautiful springs of water. In keeping with the times, environmentally conscious water pumps have been created: solar powered fountain water pumps are one such example.

These pumps are not only green, but save you money when it comes to your utility bills. They are also easy to install, clean and maintain. A solar panel creates energy from sunlight, and the energy is then used by the pump to bring movement to the water.

Irrigation Pumps

Modern farming wouldn’t be what it is without irrigation systems, and irrigation systems rely on pumps. Some types of irrigation pumps include propeller pumps, submersible pumps, centrifugal pumps and deep well pumps. What kind of irrigation system you use will determine the type of water pump you need.

So there you have it, and they’re just some of the uses for water pumps Australia. We have an extensive network of dealers throughout Australia which stock a wide range of water pumps. Find your closest one now!

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