Preparing for the Fire Season

Pieces of wood burning

Bushfires and grass fires have been regularly occurring in Australia throughout history. Because of the country’s hot and dry summer months, even the tiniest spark can cause a fire that ends up spanning thousands of square kilometers. Major fire events such as the fairly recent Black Saturday fires have resulted in great loss of life…

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How Fire Fighting Pumps Work

Fireman Extinguishing Forest Fire

Fire fighting pumps are one of the many examples of the uses of water pumps in Australia. Fire fighting pumps can be used in rural areas where it may be quicker for a homeowner to put out a fire than to wait for the nearest fire station crew to get to the scene. These pumps…

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What Can Water Pumps Be Used for in Australia?

old water pump in a flower garden

Water pumps in Australia are used in a wide variety of situations, including firefighting, irrigation, garden water features, for automobiles and boats, draining and more. If you haven’t considered them before, do some reading and see if water pumps Australia can be useful in your life, whether at home or for your business. Here are…

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