Trash Pumps

What are Trash Pumps?

Trash pumps are designed to safely move water that contains debris and solids. They have large, open style impellers that can safely pass solids without being damaged. Another useful feature is the quick release system that allows easy access for cleaning out the pump case.

Why choose a Trash Pump?

If you are moving debris or solid containing water then a trash pump is the correct choice. This makes them suitable for moving flood water and dewatering construction sites. The very high flow rates also make them ideal for moving large volumes of clean water. Water Master trash pumps are used by the SES and many Australians for a variety of tasks.

Water Master Trash Pumps

Water Master trash pumps offer rapid self priming capabilities and have been designed to transfer high volumes of contaminated water through big, single closed style impellers that are capable of handling small solids up to 25mm. Available in 3″and 4″suction, with heads up to 30 metres and flows up to 2200 litres per minute. These units are powered by Honda engines, so you know you will get the reliability and power you can trust.

Dirty water flowing out from pipe

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3″ Trash Pump


4″ Trash Pump