Fire Fighting Pumps

What are Fire Fighting Pumps?

Fire fighting pumps feature high pressure, high flow performance characteristics. These special features make them suitable for firefighting, water transfer, high head dewatering, construction site dust suppression and fast fill tanker applications.

Firefighting Pump Applications

Fire fighting pumps are versatile units which can be used in both critical and everyday situations. When not being used for bushfire defence and firefighting, they can be utilised for irrigation, water transfer and vehicle or equipment cleaning. Many people choose fire fighting pumps because of this flexibility .

Choosing the right Firefighting Pump

The most important thing to get right is the water moving performance you need. Check the flow, head, and pressure to make sure you can get the water where you need it, at the right pressure.

Water Master offers a range of firefighting pumps including petrol and diesel powered pumps, as well as different features such as electric start.

Our new and improved 1.5”and 3” Honda and Yamaha powered firefighting pumps are built tough to handle Australian conditions, with an Electric start option now available in the 1.5” and 3” pumps. With a standard rollover frame and weighing from just 24kg, these pumps are built to handle the toughest conditions with easy maneuverability and are available in either Petrol or Diesel. Also available are the fire hose pump kits to suit the 1.5” models. These come with one suction hose and the option of either one or two delivery hose(s).

Our most popular firefighting pump model is the MHGP15-SHP which provides excellent performance at a great value!

Fire burning in forest

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1.5″ Diesel Firefighting Pump eStart


1.5″ Firefighting Pump GP160


1.5″ Firefighting Pump GX160


3″ Firefighting Pump eStart


3″ Firefighting Pump Yamaha MZ300

Firefighting hose kits FFK01 and FFK01-B

FFK01-B and FFK01

Firefighting hose kits to suit 1.5″ fire pumps


High Flow 1.5″ Firefighting Pump


High Flow 1.5″ Firefighting Pump – eStart