When portability is important, Water Master's lightweight water transfer pumps are the answer. Built to be moved and weighing as little as 6.2kg, these pumps are ideal for transferring high volumes of water at relatively low pressures. Flood irrigation, construction site dewatering and fast fill tanker application are typical uses. Our portable water transfer pumps are available in Honda petrol offering 1" to 4" suction, with heads of up to 33 metres and flows up to 1420 litres per minute.

Water Master is proud to be sold by hundreds of businesses across Australia. Our dealers and service agents offer great prices, technical expertise and friendly, local service.

What is a Water Transfer Pump?

Transfer pumps, also known as dewatering pumps, are high capacity pumps moving high volumes of water at moderate pressure. These pumps provide high maximum flows, making them ideal for moving water quickly.

Transfer Pump Applications

Transfer pumps are suitable for moving clean water for irrigation, clearing out large areas after floods, moving water between dams & tank and many others.

Choosing the Right Transfer Pump

Selecting a water transfer pump that provides the right water moving capability is the most important factor. A pump with a larger inlet size and engine will be able to move more water, more quickly. Also consider the height of the location from the water source, then select a unit with enough maximum head.

For transferring very large quantities of water, or water with debris in it, a trash pump is the best option. For moving water over a higher vertical distance, firefighting pumps are ideal.

Our transfer pumps range from 1″ to 4″ inlet/outlet size to cater to your requirements.