Q:  Should I choose a water transfer pump or a firefighting pump? I’m after a pump that will primarily transfer water quickly and efficiently, however, I also need the pump as a backup firefighter.

A: The fire fighting pump is your best option, as it is also great for transferring water. Another great use for your fire fighter is to connect it to the sprinkler system on the roof of the house, to make sure your house is protected during those crucial bushfire moments.

Q: Can I easily get spare parts for my water pump, and where would I get them?

A: We have a dealer network Australia-wide, that can supply all your pump spare parts should you ever need them. All engine spare parts are available directly from the engine manufacturer.

Q: What materials are the pumps made of?

A: The fire fighting and water transfer pumps are both made of cast aluminium; the trash pumps are made of cast iron. The standard chemical pump is made of plastic, and our stainless steel model is made of……stainless steel!

Q: Where can I get service and support?

A: For support and advice on your Water Master pump, feel free to give us a call on our toll-free number 1300 833 513 or send us an email through the website by clicking ”About Us” and then ”Contact Us”. For servicing, refer back to your place of purchase or alternatively, contact us and we can suggest the best place to take your pump for servicing.

Q: Where do I find my nearest dealer?

A: Refer to our ”Find a Store” page on the website, for your nearest dealer.

Q: How long can I run the pump before I need to check the oil?

A: Depending on the size and model of your pump, we recommend checking the oil level before each start. Filter change (where applicable) and oil change frequency, along with any other routine maintenance varies per model, especially during periods of extended use. Please refer to your Operator’s Manual for more information.

Q: How do I obtain a replacement Operator’s Manual?

A: Simply send us an email through the website by clicking ”About Us” and then ”Contact Us” include your details and we’ll send out a replacement Operator’s Manual, free of charge.

Q: What exactly is covered under my warranty?

A: As long as the pump is used in accordance with the Operator’s Manual supplied, we will cover all pump parts within the warranty period. See our ”Warranty” page on the Water Master website under ”About Us”, for more info.